Omakase offers two different fixed-price tasting menus that will take you through your senses. The culinary journey you experience will introduce you to the many flavors of Japanese cuisine. Our focus is to show diners a series of dishes that combine creativity and various Japanese cooking techniques. To enhance your experience, we showcase the cuisine with the beauty of Japanese pottery. Premium sakes are individually selected to complement your meal as you enjoy the day’s best selected fishes. Our fishes are flown in three times a week from Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan — the famed and largest fish market in the world — to assure freshness and quality.

Omakase specializes in Edomae — traditional style sushi. We partner with chefs trained in the top restaurants of Tokyo. Our chefs innovatively expose your sense of sight, smell, and umami. Thank you for entrusting your taste buds to the chefs and for choosing Omakase.